Coldbox 6-RC

Testing Coldbox-6… it appears the method signature has changed for getSetting() in the FrameworkSupertype and this is causing some incorrect behaviors. There used to be a second arg: boolean fwSetting=false so now many calls to getSetting() with a 2nd arg of “true” are returning “true” as a default arg rather than returning the setting from the Coldbox config (e.g. cbDebugger info panel displaying “true true true” instead of the Coldbox codename, version, suffix, etc.)

I do not know if the changing of the method signature is accidental and a bug? Or if it is purposeful and not yet documented (that I could see) and other code (e.g. the cbDebugger module, etc.) is now considered incorrect and need to be modified?

This is actually on purpose:

Luis decided, given that the method signature didn’t match the other getValue() methods, with the default in position 2, that it was better to get the breaking change out of the way. The docs will need to be updated to reflect the breaking change.


Thanks Jon. I just needed to know where to make my changes to get apps “CB-6 ready”