[coldbox:6846] Transfer Setter Injection using Lightwire

This currently is not supported with RC1. Wirebox is now in charge of autowiring via annotations and the use of multiple DI frameworks is unsupported in RC1. It was my understanding that Luis was going to allow this again but I’m unsure if it has been committed to Git. If you are using RC1 and need this to work, I’ve found that copying over the M6 IOC and Utilities plugins will tide you over.

It is on github now. Rc2 is almost done also

Schweet. Thanks.
Jason Durham

Thanks guys,

I'm not too keen on the annotations approach as I'm then, as you say,
mixing up frameworks. Ideally I'd like Lightwire to do it all for me
but I can't work out what I'm doing wrong.

I've been holding off bring in Wirebox because it's still in
development but the other option is ColdSpring. I feel that doing the
CS approach though take me away from the Lightwire / Wirebox side of

Decision, decisions :slight_smile:

It's annoying as I'm seeing all over Google and even the Lightwire
docs that it supports setter injection. For the life of me though I
can't find examples of it and how it would work with Transient

Cheers again,

I wouldn't be afraid of WireBox. It's been around a long time and is quite mature. It's just now that it's being broken off into a stand-alone app that can run outside of ColdBox with some enhancements, of course.

Like I've said before, I've used other ioc engines, but if I'm writing a ColdBox app and have no previous vested interested in another DI framework, I've never needed to look farther than what's already built nicely into ColdBox.

My 2c :slight_smile: