Coldbox and Fusebox in the same CF App context

Hi, I’m not sure if this was asked before, I could only find references to a Fusebox Loader for onTap framework. Is it possible to run a FB and a CB application into the same CF application context ? I’m trying to figure out a way to gradually migrate a large application from Fusebox to Coldbox and I’m exploring all kinds of ideas.



I don’t see why not. ColdBox runs as a key in application scope, you can then in Application.cfc decide what files are processed by coldbox.


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Luis, can you expand on that!

My understanding is that the key only comes into contention when ColdBox is being called, so how would ColdBox then determine if the URL is a fusebox or ColdBox event?

Examples please.


Probably the other way around. Exclude the entry point for the FB from running in the CB context.

Actually it depends very much if we talk about Fusebox 3 or Fusebox 5.


  • just load FB3 in index_fbx.cfm entry point, excluded from CB


  • I don’t think FB5 can be loaded on demand, so Application.cfc should extend fusebox5.Application and CB should be loaded on demand.
  • for index.cfm do: <cfset application.cbBootstrap.onRequestStart(arguments.targetPage)>
  • for index_fbx.cfm do: <cfset super.onRequestStart(argumentCollection=arguments)>

I did not tried this yet, I’m only contemplating the idea yet.

Am I on the right track Luis ?