ColdBox and GWT

I have been developing with ColdFusion for about a year now and have
just started to get to grips with using ColdBox and MVC. Prior to
commiting to using ColdBox I did some investigation on the current
frameworks available and came across GWT (with App Engine), of which I
think is a brilliant paradigm for web development. Benefits including
the ability to share code between client and server, seemless RPC and
many more. Not to mention the shear number of development tools
available and maybe a personal bias towards static typing. However due
to my employers business infrastructure I am limited to using a CF
backend. So I was wondering whether it would be possible to leverage
at least some of these benefits of GWT with a CF backend. Maybe by
generating java code equivalents of my model cfc's and generating java
interfaces to my controllers so remote functions are more readily
available in the client code. I am slightly concerned that not having
much experience with these technologies means that I may be
overlooking important aspects or maybe the whole idea just doesn't
fit. So i'm asking what others may think?

Hi. I think you can leverage it since it is java and Coldfusion can talk to java. What is even better is that wirebox our di engine also talks to java so you can easily map your java model and remote proxies very easily and even wire those to cfc objects.

This way your event handler CFCs will be able to talk to your java models and so forth. I know you did not get into specifics but once you do we can help in direction. As it stands I believe you can mix the technologies and get a happy medium.

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