ColdBox Dictionaries for CFBuilder

Is there a way to install the CB Dictionaries for CFBuilder?


If you haven’t already noticed, Luis has put a ton of work into the documentation of CB. I just searched on “builder” and came up with this…

Hi Ben,

We need to migrate the cfeclipse syntax dictionary into builder format. If somebody is willing to do this for 3.0, please help us out. I usually do not tackle these tools until we have a release candidate, as things are still progressing in our milestones. However, since this is a community effort, I highly encourage anybody with some spare time to collaborate :slight_smile:

Also, the cfbuilder extension is open source also, so people can contribute to it also?

Luis F. Majano
Ortus Solutions, Corp

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I'm definitely willing to help out any way I can. I haven't done
anything with CFBuilder extensions, but I will read up on them and try
tackling converting the syntax dictionary to CFBuilder.

If anyone has already started this process, please just let me know so
I don't duplicate anyone else's efforts.


Look in svn under the install folder under IDE extras. I started a
sample there for cfbuilder syntax dictionary but needs to be
completed. The cfbuilder extension is under the code depot space in
assembla. That is the official extension for cfbuilder and coldbox.
You can download it and check it out.

Hi Luis,
I'm not sure if I'm missing it, but if I go into the svn repo and go
into the coldbox/trunk/install/IDE Extras I see CFEclipse dictionaries
but no CFBuilder dictionary examples.

If I go into the code depot space and look at the Builder extensions,
it looks like that's just for creating handlers,views etc...

Am I in the wrong place?


Ahh ok so I didnot start it yet. Oops. Anywaysthe cfbuilder dictionary
should be similar to the cfeclipse one

Ok, just making sure I wasn't missing something.