Coldbox failing to start on VPS

While this isn't strictly a ColdBox problem, I'm wondering what other
people's opinions are on the following issue.

We use Luis' elastic server image (ColdBox/Railo/Resin) on a VPS at
Elastic Hosts and it has been working great for months.

However, ColdBox suddenly started to fail with various errors mostly
related to xml parsing i.e. "java.lang.IllegalArgumentException" and
"" when parsing the LogBox
XMLConfig or when initiating Transfer ORM.

When I contacted Elastic Hosts about this they said they would look
into it. I emailed them again after an hour to see if there was any
progress and they said that another user is causing high disk i/o on
the machine.

The problem has existed for over 16 hours now and Elastic Hosts have
said that they believe the usage by the other user to be legitimate so
they won't turn him off. They also say that while they try to offer a
good level of performance, they can't guarantee it due to the shared
nature of VPS accounts.

Surely I should expect that at a minimum my application should start?

Has anyone else experienced anything similar with VPS providers?

Also can anyone confirm that the above error messages would be caused
by high disk i/o on the machine?

Never seen that, the only thing that seems weird is the security expection when reading the XML file. Not sure why it would do that

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