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Title: RE: AjaxProxy.cfc on CFMX 6.1
Thread: AjaxProxy.cfc on CFMX 6.1
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User: bdensmore Hi Sana,
what I did was on lines 134 and 170 changed

<cfset result =


left(server.ColdFusion.ProductVersion,1) eq 6>
component="coldbox.system.extras.ColdboxProxy" method="super"
returnvariable="result" argumentcollection="#HoldItTemporary#" />
<cfset result = super.process(argumentCollection=HoldItTemporary)>

I tested in 6.1,7 and 8. If you see a better way to write it then
just update what I did and I'll change my code on my end.

I thought ColdBox
had a plugin for the CF version but I couldn't find it in the API anywhere.
Maybe if it doesn't exist that will be a plugin I will write. Not sure how often
people need that but it might be useful.