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User: sanaullah73 Hi daemach,

I did modified ajaxcfc, here is the link to download with demo

secondly ColdBoxProxy offer you great
flexibility, its up to programmer how to manage/implement stuff.

implementation, I have 2 ColdBox Plugins ready to use, toXML, toJSON

Let me know
what type of help you require to build AJAX based app, I will provide you all
code examples.

AS you talked about cfajaxproxy.... you can integrate with

<cfajaxproxy cfc="myapp.coldboxproxy" jsclassname="emp">
var e = new emp();

You can
follow the CF8 documentation and implementation is slighty different from the
original examples posted on CF8 docs.

Secondly I would recmend to see the

I hope this will
help you in the implementation of cfaxajproxy.