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User: daverms Hi All,

Please forgive me for asking this basic question. I just downloaded
the Coldbox framework. Like Fusebox, I could not able to find any skelton app to
start with?. How can I obtain one?.

Any help is greatly appreciable.
Thanks in advance,

I agree that it would be nice to see a very basic ColdBox tutorial (with no
assumptions) for those of us out there new to ColdBox and new to OO style

There was some talk of recovering some tutorials of that nature from in the past. However, that has never seemed to pan out.
Perhaps someone will provide such a resource down the road...


Hi Josen

As this is something I would be interested in developing can you give me a few pointers on what you would like to see in such a guide. Also, maybe the rest of the list can join in and give their opinion on what should be covered in the basics, and what you think is essential for a newbie guide.


I am a very experienced spaghetti coder. Been at it with that style for 7 years. For this tutorial series I suppose I would like to see something that takes a user from the very simplest of tasks to the more complex ones. For instance:

  1. Installation tutorial (I think you already have this).

  2. A tutorial covering the creation of a simple non-database site. Creating header and footer views, then static text (like a brochure site).

  3. Next I would want to see how to bring various views together in a single page/template.

  4. Then I would introduce database interactivity in the way of forms, selects, inserts, and updates.

  5. Then a session management / login tutorial.

  6. Get more advanced from there…

All of this being done in the ColdBox way of course, and being very elementary in its approach (i.e. Detailed explanations of everything - A view is a snippet of code that does…)

The ColdFusion Application Development books are what I cut my teeth on years ago. Perhaps matching that progression in terms of difficulty might be a good approach.

A good set of very basic tutorials could go a long way in helping folks choose ColdBox as their framework of choice.

I look forward to seeing this.