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User: gs I am in the process of upgrading to the latest version of coldbox (from 2.0). I
went through all of your instructions (I think) but am getting an error with
coldspring. The error is the following:

"Application Execution Exception
Error Type: coldspring.beanCreationException : [N/A]
Error Messages: Bean
creation exception during factory-method call (trying to call getPlugin on
Element PLUGIN is undefined in

I presume it is happening when coldspring is trying to
initialize an instance of a custom plugin to inject in to my CFCs. The code in
my coldspring.xml file is:
<bean id="StatusMessagePlugin"
factory-bean="ColdboxFactory" factory-method="getPlugin">
<constructor-arg name="customPlugin">

I have a plugin called
StatusMessage.cfc in an [app_name].plugins folder and my config has the
<Setting name="MyPluginsLocation"
value="[app_name].plugins" />

This was running the the old version
just fine but is not working with the latest release. Any guideance is MUCH
appreciated. We are having to upgrade because we're seeing a fwsetting error
randomly get thrown and I read in the forum elsewhere that there was a bug that
was fixed that should fix it.