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The only thing I can see is that Coldspring 1.0 supports complex variables, the
one in the CVS does not.

So the property:


Might not work. I really do
not like that they will not support complex variables and just simple variables.
Anyways, its a very quick fix to add to coldspring, open BeanProperty.cfc
<cffunction name="parseValue" access="private" returntype="string"
      hint="I parse a <value/>">
  <cfargument name="rawValue"
type="string" required="true" />
  <!--- grab the default properties out of
the enclosing bean factory --->
  <cfset var beanFactoryDefaultProperties =
getParentBeanDefinition().getBeanFactory().getDefaultProperties() />
resolve anything that looks like it should get replaced with a beanFactory
default property --->
  <cfif left(rawValue,2) eq "${" and right(rawValue,1) eq
    <!--- look for this property value in the bean factory (using
isDefined/evaluate incase of "." in property name--->
  <cfreturn rawValue />

However, if
you do not feel comfortable doing this. I recommend using simple settings:
<Setting name="" value="myApp" />