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User: ejohnson OK I reinited but no change.

There is no error message about invalid password
(don't know if there is supposed to be). It seems like it just bounces back to

I turned on debugging. This is what I get -- maybe this will help. I
don't see where it tries to validate the login.

10:35:49.394 AM 16 ms
interception [preProcess] View
10:35:49.425 AM 16 ms invoking runEvent
[main.onRequestStart] View
EVENT={ehSecurity.dspLogin} PASSWORD={coldbox}
10:35:49.456 AM
16 ms invoking runEvent [ehSecurity.dspLogin] View
{xehLogout={ehSecurity.doLogout} XEHLOGIN={ehSecurity.doLogin}
currentLayout={Layout.Login.cfm} EVENT={ehSecurity.dspLogin} PASSWORD={coldbox}
10:35:49.503 AM
16 ms rendering View [vwLogin.cfm] ...
10:35:49.519 AM 32 ms rendering
Layout [Layout.Login.cfm] ...