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User: refriedchicken OK, I just download and installed the Nightly Build and restarted the server but
not luck.

I have the following:

Windows 2000 server with IIS.
Coldbox is
located at C:\inetpub\wwwroot\coldbox

Coldfusion 8 has a mapping to this
location called "coldbox"

For this example I used the dashboard (I get the
same results no matter how I do it) to create a new app at

When I go there using the IP address it is
fine, when I try to go using a site set up in IIS with a domain name it fails
having an issues with finding routes.cfm.

I have gone in and removed the
interceptor reference in the config file, but that just opens up new handler

As you said I am sure it is a mapping somewhere, I just don't know