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Title: Interceptors and events
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User: bash Just wondering if I'm missing something.

I have an admin area that is set up
as a sub directory (I'm lazy and didn't want to have to code every event handler
to enforce a login). I've set up a security interceptor which runs fine. My
question is if there is anything built in to coldbox to maintain the requested
event while displaying the login form?

In other words will it work like using
application.cfc/.cfm in a non-framework set up so that if a user requests say
index.htm?event=mypage.view and hasn't logged in yet it will display the login
page and once the login process has completed it will load the originally
requested page.

Currently I'm grabbing the requested page in the interceptor
and setting to a variable and using that to redirect after the login process,
but was wondering if there was a better (easier) way that I'm missing.