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Title: Mixing JQuery with ColdBox
Thread: Mixing JQuery with ColdBox
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User: bdensmore I'm trying to implement a jQuery plugin for doing an autosuggest feature and
don't seem to be going about it the right way.

On the client side in the view
I have the following function:
jQuery(function() {
onSelect: function() {}});

Because the suggest function wants a url I
thought I could call the event handler that makes a call to my model like:
<cffunction name="listUsers" access="public" returntype="any" output="false">
<cfargument name="Event" type="coldbox.system.beans.requestContext">
<cfset var
rc = Event.getCollection() />
<cfset rc.userList =
variables.userObj.autoCompleteData(Event.getValue('q')) />
getPlugin("toJSON").queryToJSON(rc,"data") />

For some reason
when I open Firebug to watch the XHR request I get an error back from ColdBox
saying "settings.users.index.cfm is not valid registered event". Which, it

I'm not sure why the event is being called in that manner.

pretty sure I can use the ColdBoxProxy to do this but I'm a little unclear on
how to go about it.

Does anyone have any examples on how I can pass Ajax
calls off to the ColdBoxProxy to return valid JSON data?