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Title: onAppInit fires when?
Thread: onAppInit fires when?
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User: CaptainPalapa Luis,

The onAppInit, as defined in the config file...when is it supposed to
fire? Earlier I mentioned that my sessions appeared to be restarting, and I
somehow managed to correct that. Now the problem I have is that my onAppInit
function is firing each page request. I placed this in the onAppInit()
application.cbController.getPlugin("logger").tracer("onAppInit firing in
...and sure as can be it's showing up each time in my
debug panel.

Any clues as to what I might be able to look for that could
cause this? I hate to simply package up all the code and zip to here, though I
know you indicated I should. Are there any ColdFusion things, Coldbox things,
that could cause this?

I did add some <YourSettings> values, but they are all
configured right. I'm trying, once again, to get Coldspring to work for me. I
have this code in the onAppInit() function, though I can't imagine any code *in*
the function would cause it fire. I've also attached my application.cfc file,
in case that gives any clues to you.

Okay...I'm attaching my config file
(details removed), my application.cfc and my _main.cfc (yes, underscore is
goofy, but it keeps it at the top of all the files and it works fine.)

in advance...