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I've had some time to think this through. My site actually consists of 4
different areas. The "public" website and 3 secured areas targeted at different
user groups.

Traditionally, this means 4 different application.cfc files and
4 different applications. All of these areas share the same database, though -
they just use different security mechanisms and dbase tables.

root = main
active/ministries = one secure area
active/donors = one secure area
active/admin = the system admin area

Each area consists of multiple tools as
well, each organized in "packages", or a reasonable facsimile thereof.

can I build (structure) a single coldbox application that will allow me to
leverage a single transfer factory and do custom security (easily) for each of
the secured areas? By "easily" I mean as easily as adding the security code to
the onRequest handler in application.cfc.