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Title: RE: SES URL's for 2.5
Thread: SES URL's for 2.5
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User: oscararevalo

I was really intrigued by how ByteSpring managed to use URLs such as
http://server/go2/page, so I downloaded the app and started dissecting it to
find out what they were doing since it seemed to be dynamic. But after looking
at the code and running it on my box I realized that what it was doing was
creating directories and index.cfm files for each page, and storing everything
under the go2 directory, so if I created a page named "aboutUs" then ByteSpring
would create a subdirectory under go2 named "aboutUs" and inside put a file
named index.cfm that would cfinclude the main logic of the application, and from
the URL determine what page or content to display.

I guess this is as good
solution as any, but with the advent of CF8 and onMissingTemplate, this same
idea can be taken to the next level, in the sense that the index.cfm files don't
really need to exist, however it would be interesting to find out if the
onMissingTemplate also responds to missing subdirectories.

I'll try to do
some experiments and report back.