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Hi Daemach,
I'll try to guide you as best as I can.

There are several ways
of integrating with transfer it all depends on how you architect your "model".
What I mean as model is your "domain model"

"A domain model can be thought of
as a conceptual model of a system which describes the various entities involved
in that system and their relationships. The domain model is created to document
the key concepts and the vocabulary of the system. The model displays the
relationships among all major entities within the system and usually identifies
their important methods and attributes. This means that the model provides a
structural view of the system which is normally complemented by the dynamic
views in Use Case models. An important benefit of a domain model is to describe
and constrain system scope."

In other words, its the meat of your programs
and applications. If you have not been familiarized with building domain models,
it will take you time to learn the several ways of integration.

I have used
Transfer in two ways:
1) With a service layer architecture. In which I declare
Transfer via Coldspring and then inject to my service objects.

2) Look at the
Transfer Sample application included in the download. Its a way to create the
Transfer factory in the Application Start Handler and saving it on the ColdBox
cache. Then on every request putting a reference in the request collection so
all events can use.

Those two methods are the ones that I have integrated
Transfer with ColdBox. You treat it like any other library you would be using.
I hope this helps, let me know.