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Okay, I can reproduce the error like this:

With the ExceptionHandler setting
specified, everything is looking good. I attached my coldbox.xml.cfm file in
case you want to see it.

Then I make the ExceptionHandler setting blank.
[code]<Setting name="ExceptionHandler" value="" />[/code]

Now everything is
still working. Even if I do a fwreinit and browse to the base application url
(http://localhost:8500/Treatments_v2/www/), it all looks good.

But if I
restart the ColdFusion server and browse to the base url, now I get the error:
[code]An invalid event has been detected:
Treatments_v2_CB250.www.handlers.ehMain This event does not exist in the
specified handler.[/code]

Interestingly, if I add "index.cfm" or
"index.cfm?event=ehGeneral.dspHome" to the url it works. That also seems to
cache something because then if I browse back to the base url I no longer get
the error.

Hope that helps.