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User: doryphores Luis,

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I'm building an ecommerce
app where nearly all objects (especially products) are cached. This means the
cache could contain hundreds of objects at any one time. When I run the app in
"debug" mode (autoreload options set to true and debug panel enabled), I get
this error when the max cached objects limit is reached:

Error type:
Framework.InterceptorService.InterceptorCantBeCached : [N/A]
Error Messages:
The interceptor could not be cached, either the cache is full or out of memory.
Please check your cache limits, try increasing them or verify your server memory
This occurs in controller.cfc line 377

However, when I run it in
production mode, this doesn't happen (although I still get the
ConcurrentModificationException I mentioned before when the reap kicks in.
I'm not sure I understand fully the maxcachedobjects setting. What is supposed
to happen when the limit is reached? Do you know why the behaviour is different
when in production mode?