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Thread: Using ioc plugin in viewlet event handler
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User: lmajano Hi Martin,

something is defintely cached, either class files or something.
Because I am running your sample app and even about 5 apps I am working with and
I get no such thing as the concurrent exception on that line, which is a simple
set of the reaptime. Make sure you clear your template cache, your cfclasses
and cfcomponents in your coldfusion engine.

As for not being able to cache
interceptors in debug mode, is related to the JVM percentage threshold. Its a
last line of defense if your JVM has no memory to cache. I usually set it to 0
on development and a good 5-10 % on production. Use the environments
interceptor to create different settings for each tier. This will help alievate
this problem.

Also, make sure you have enough dedicated RAM on your JVM for
applications. I usually have mine at 384 MB.