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Title: CacheManager enhancement idea: expireKeyPattern
Thread: CacheManager enhancement idea: expireKeyPattern
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User: doryphores I have an idea for a CacheManage feature. At the moment, you can only clear or
expire a single key or everything. I was thinking that you could tell
CacheManager to expire or clear a set of keys identified by some wildcard or
regexp pattern. I'll give you an example:

I'm using the ColdBox cache manager
to cache search results recordsets. For each search, I build a unique hash key
from the criteria and prepend it with "SEARCH-". It would be nice to be able to
expire all search results by telling CacheManager to expire keys starting with

Looking at the code, it seems like a fairly straightforward thing
to do. I'm probably going to write my own by accessing the object pool directly
but I think this could be a permanent feature of the CacheManager (which is
already an awesome tool by the way).

What do you guys think?