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Title: Coldfusion UI Enhancements
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User: prentice I compiled a list of things that I would like to see on the debug panel, and
error report. They are like wish lists, and some of them I could override with
my own styles, but please take a look and see if there's anything in there you
find useful to add. I also have not tried 2.6 yet, so I don't know if any of
these have been done already.

Debug Panel:

* Add a fwreinit link to the
debug panel, so I don't have to type it into the URL everytime I need to refresh
the cache.
* Provide an option in the config to automatically have the tracer
messages be expanded or closed by default. The reason for this is that I use
coldspring to provide function level logging to the tracer messages on the debug
panel, so that I know what function gets called on every request. Often this
can get very long, and I don't actually need to see the tracer message on every
request. For this reason, having the tracer message be displayed at all times
means I have a lot of scrolling to do before I can get to see the other details
on the debug panel. If I can make it so that by default it's collapsed instead
of shown, then that would make life easier when I debug things.
* Hide the
"Extra Information" in tracer messages if nothing is passed in. By default,
extra information is always displayed if you invoke the tracer message, which
seems unnecessary unless you really do want to see extra information. I
recommend this only be shown unless there is something passed in.

Error Page:
* Add some spacer or a line between each stack trace. I find that
sometimes I get confused which line number goes with each call, and I look at
the wrong line. If there's a clear distinction between each stack, then that
eliminates any confusion that could result.

Again, these things are very
particular to how I use Coldbox, so they may not apply to everyone or even make
sense to be added to the code base.