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User: lmajano Hi,

I will be in the coming weeks posting more code on how to tap into the
proxy and model. Below is a simple example, again this is using the 2.6.0 Alpha
on SVN (Beta very very soon). You can also check the examples on SVN for a
couple of techniques.

The following example will create a new component based
on the proxy, with one method: 'getZipCodes' that will be taken off my model
object via ColdSpring.

<cfcomponent name="zipcodes" output="False"

name="getZipCodes" access="Remote" returntype="query" output="false">
  var qZipCodes = "";

  qZipCodes =

  return qZipCodes;


That's it. I used the method
"getBean()" which is using the loaded coldspring factory or lightwire, asks for
the [b]zipcodeService[/b] and executes a method on it. Then returns the results.
Hope this helps. THis is a sample of going directly to the model