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User: lmajano I really can't see anything on it for now. I do the same thing.

I would
try doing a try/catch on the onrequest start and on the catch, try to dump out
the contents of the cache to see what is on the cache.

That gives you the entire pool of objects.
Also, what version of coldbox are you using?

Memory problems can be tricky.
Also, since you are using the coldbox cache defaults, there are some memory
limits, using the FreeMemoryPercentageThreshold


The default in cbox 2.5.2 is 3%, I believe in 2.5.1 was 10% which was
rather high. I suggest overriding the cache settings with something more along
the lines of what your memory is. If not, you can disable the Memory Threshold
by setting it to 0.