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User: prentice That's very true and a very good point. Currently, I extended the core
environmental controls' parseAndSet() function to do what I need. I think my
original motivation for this to be added to the core was because I couldn't find
a good place in environmentControl.cfc to extend the component. If I just
wanted to change the behavior on how I determine the environment, I have to
override the entire parseAndSet() method, including the bits like parsing the
settings block, which I don't want to change, but have to copy and paste from
the core code to make it work. Does that make sense?

I am thinking that
maybe if the portion that's used to determine environment controls is put into a
separate function (say, determineEnvironment()), and call the method in
parseAndSet(), I can just override determineEnvironment() in my custom
environmentControl, then that way I can modify it to my heart's content, and not
have to touch any of the other bits that make environment control work as nice
as it does.

Any thoughts? Am I off my rocker?