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Title: Moving from spagetti to framework
Thread: Moving from spagetti to framework
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User: neosenate Hi,

I'm really looking for a little advise. Currently I am working as part
of a very small development team (I'm one of two developers). I joined the
company early this year.

They have some MASSIVE CF applications that are
largely written procedurally with little or no documentation. I have the task
of merging many of these huge apps into one even bigger app as well as adding
more functionality to it.

I explained to my boss that it might be worth
investing the time now to rewrite the code within the structure of a framework
due to x and y good reasons (I'm sure you're all familiar as to why I should be
using a framework).

His reply was to finish the coding and then go back and
then put it into a framework.

My question is really this - is it possible to
have an application that has parts inside a framework and parts outside of it?
I know this isn't an ideal situation, but I really want to start using a
framework as soon as possible. My idea was that any new code that is written
could be in the framework and anything older would be outside of it. At least
then when we go to rewrite the old code, the job will be slightly easier.
Thanks in advance.