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User: lmajano Hi,

As far as persisting objects on memory is always a good thinking
exercise. Don't go about placing EVERYTHING in memory if it doesn't need be.
remember that memory is limited. So again, it all depends on your architecture
and how many components, etc you will be placing in memory.

If you have CF8,
you can turn on the server monitor and play around with placing objects in
memory. Try hitting your application, load test it and see how it performs. You
will get a new insight in how memory is used in your application.

On another
note, you can also leverage ColdBox's cache facility. You can use the cache to
persist objects and data and include lifespans or even last access lifespans on
them. This will create a more "dynamic" application, but you will need to type
more and actually think more of what objects to persist longer or forever.
Again it all depends on your requirements at hand. If its a few service
components you need available all the time, then go ahead, cache them either in
the ColdBox cache or in applicationstorage plugin.

Now as your question for
session. You can use the sessionstorage plugin.