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Title: Plugin-specific settings
Thread: Plugin-specific settings
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User: sparkpool Hi, pretty new to ColdBox, working on a plugin that would be enhanced by having
its own settings. Would need to be a nested structure, possibly containing some
arrays. What's the best practice way to approach this?

I tried adding a
nested PluginSettings element inside YourSettings in my test app's coldbox.xml,
but the xml parser objects that "The config.xml file does not validate with the
framework's schema. The error details are: [Error] :76:19:
cvc-complex-type.2.4.a". Seems like this means that YourSettings can't hold
complex values. Is that right?

Another option is for this plugin to have its
own settings file. I kind of like that, since it means it could be included with
the plugin, for greater portability. None of the system plugins seem to have
their own settings files though, and I didn't see a loadSettings method anywhere
that you could point at a specific xml file.

So what's the best approach
here? Am I missing the blindingly obvious, as has been known to happen, once or
twice? (:wink: