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User: lmajano Some comments on your code:

<!--- Collection Reference --->
<cfset rc =

Don't do this. The layouts/views already have a
reference to the collection.

<cfset request.handler =

You can do event.getCurrentHandler()
or event.getCurrentAction()
This is already built for you. Also, it is not best
practice to touch the request scope, if you have the request collection object
that already lives on the request scope.

Also, there are references to
session scope, try to use the sessionstorage plugin. This way you don't touch
scopes directly.

It also seems you have a lot of display logic according to
permissions. Might want to split into multiple views for ease of maintenance.
Just my opinion.

Anyways, it seems that CF thinks that renderView() is a
variable. Please check that there is only one renderView() with no parameters
in the layout and not anymore inside of views. If you do, then it will be an
endless loop.

Let me know, because I have never seen this error.