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Title: RE: Problem with QueryHelper Plugin (doQueryAppend and doInnerJoin)
Thread: Problem with QueryHelper Plugin (doQueryAppend and doInnerJoin)
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User: aaronroberson Luis brought it to my attention that doQueryAppend() only appends content and
does not actually join the queries. That explains why the column was not

As for the doInnerJoin, I have tried the following in my action
and it has failed:

rc.q1 =
rc.q2 =
querySetCell(rc.q1, 'id', '1');
       querySetCell(rc.q1, 'speaker_id', '10');
querySetCell(rc.q1, 'title', 'Beast');
       querySetCell(rc.q1, 'content',
'his mark');
       querySetCell(rc.q1, 'publish', '1');
querySetCell(rc.q1, 'link', 'linkage');
querySetCell(rc.q2, 'id', '10');
       querySetCell(rc.q2, 'fname', 'john');
querySetCell(rc.q2, 'lname', 'doe');
       querySetCell(rc.q2, 'phone',
       querySetCell(rc.q2, 'location', 'fresno'); =
getPlugin("queryHelper").doInnerJoin(rc.q1, rc.q2, rc.q1.speaker_id,;[/code]

Here is the error:

[code]Error Type:
Framework.plugins.queryHelper.InvalidInnerJoinException : [N/A]
Error Messages:
Error in doInnerJoin():
[Table (rows 1 columns id, fname, lname, phone,
location): [id: coldfusion.sql.QueryColumn@1d6bc36] [fname:
coldfusion.sql.QueryColumn@de8c87] [lname: coldfusion.sql.QueryColumn@dc331c]
[phone: coldfusion.sql.QueryColumn@9fb03a] [location:
coldfusion.sql.QueryColumn@1eaeaa0] ] is not indexable by 10[/code]