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Thread: So, I'm stuck...Coldbox can't find the "handlers directory"
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User: dwmartin18 Well, I never had it working in the first place so I'm guessing it never
initialized...but I'm just guessing here. What directory would I do the reinit?
The directory it is reporting is NOT correct. It is reporting a "/cf" after
the "cf.war"... /cf.war/cf/. Other than the extra cf though, everything appears
to be correct.

I am running Jboss and have the cf.war set up as the root. All
my apps are in the cf.war. In the URL the "/cf" folder is the root for
everything. For example, to access one of my apps I'd head to
http://localhost/cf/appfolder/webpage.cfm. As far as I know there is no other
folder I can put coldbox into other than the cf.war tat would act as the root.
Am I making any sense?

For some reason Coldbox is appending "cf" to the
directory path. I have put the coldbox folder into my cf.war and I believe that
is the highest I can go in the directory structure because of the way the server
is setup. But then again, I'm fairly new to Jboss and my knowledge/skills with
it are very limited.