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User: tonyg Hi Sana,
The Sun bugbase has marked this bug to be fixed in JDK 6 update 10
(6u10). And they are currently on 6u6. See:

there's a beta out for update 10, but this it will still be a while before the
stable release comes out. Unfortunately, for those of us on shared servers,
we're also at the mercy of when our hosting company will decide to upgrade the
JDK. I'm not sure about Aloysis2's setup, but I'd say those of us on shared
hosting are hit hardest by the bug since we have no control over the server and
because server resources are spread out among a lot more users.
I recently saw
in the Sava CMS forums that they suggested not using their CMS if you are on CF8
shared hosting until the Java bug is fixed due to the fact that the CMS uses
frameworks (FB, CS, Reactor). But there shouldn't be a problem on dedicated or
VPS hosting:

If Aloysius2 is on CF8 shared hosting, I'd say there's a good
chance the Java class loader bug is the problem. I've posted about slow page
loads before in this forum and Luis and I couldn't find any issues in my config