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User: tonyg Hi Luis,
Yes, I definitely agree that there is a lot that can affect the speed
of your application, including your code, config, and what other frameworks
you're running (ie IOC, ORM).

In my case, I had Coldspring as my IOC
framework, and when I took that out of the equation, I noticed a noticeable
improvement. Actually, I'm pretty happy with the load time now (my app isn't
that big, and didn't really need Coldspring anyway -- I was just expermenting).
That to me was a big clue that it was the class loader bug, since I wasn't doing
anything real fancy or "heavy" with Coldspring so merely the use of an
additional framework was having a significant effect on performance.

like I mentioned before, being on a shared server is also a big factor (when it
comes to the class loader bug), since you have no control over how many other
sites are are on your server using up resources (and JVM memory). Are the sites
that you're talking about on shared servers, Luis? Your sites probably also have
the advantage of getting a lot more traffic than mine, which helps load times
too since the class files generally stay in memory longer that way.

So, of
course your right that there are a LOT of factors that can affect performance.
But if you're on a CF8 shared server and you've ruled out everything else,
chances are the class loader bug is the culprit.