Coldbox i18n issue

Coldbox 3.1.0 on Railo 3.2.3 using Application.cfc from
so we do not need a mapping for coldbox.

I am trying to set up i18n and my locale gets reset at every request.

As far as I could trace it Coldbox initializes the i18n module with
the DefaultLocale again at every request.
Application.cfc:70 Method onRequestStart calls
Coldbox.cfc:102 Method reloadChecks class loadColdBox()
Coldbox.cfc:71 Method loadColdBox calls
LoaderService.cfc:96 Method loadApplication calls registerAspects()
LoaderService.cfc:132 Method registerAspects calls
i18n.cfc:104 Method init_i18n calls setfwLocale()
i18n.cfc:162 Method setfwLocale overwrites session.DefaultLocale

and the locale is reset to default.

Either I do something wrong, or maybe coldbox is reloading itself at
every request?
In my understanding this stuff should not be called at every request..


It looks like the framework is getting called on every request. What is your configAutoReload flag set to in your configuration? If it is true, it will reload the framework on every request.

Curt Gratz
Computer Know How

thank you, that solved it!