Coldbox lite to Coldbox switch fails

I tested the lite HelloWorld app and all is well. I then read that apps can be migrated to full Coldbox from Colbox lite by changing “coldbox.system.mvc.Bootstrap” to “coldbox.system.Coldbox” in Application.cfc. I tried it with the lite helloWorld app and received the following:

The processState method was not found.

The error occurred in E:\Projects\Server_Dev\coldbox\system\Coldbox.cfc: line 445

443 : 		<cfscript>
444 : 			//Execute Session Start interceptors
**445 : 			cbController.getInterceptorService().processState("sessionStart",session);**
446 : 
447 : 			//Execute Session Start Handler

We’re learning Coldbox here and I thought we’d use lite to do some simple things and then move over to full version when we start to get comfortable. In order to do that we need to be confident we’re not throwing work away if we build initially in lite.

I did read that we need to make sure both libraries are there but also that if we install the whole framework they’re there by default (which we did). Before tracing this down I thought I’d post to see if is something simple.

Thank you.

As an aside, and probably a dumb question, but after I posted I saw the bit about including the version in the subject. Where is the version number located? Under install I looked in readme and license. Didn’t see it either place. Thanks.


ColdBox LITE

Did you reinit the application.


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If I try to reinit I get…

That is actually a good point, applicationStop() will not clear out the fact that ColdBox will still be stored in the application scope. Restarting or changing the application name will solve that.