ColdBox LITE

Hi everybody! Great news. I just pushed a beta version of our new addition: ColdBox LITE.

ColdBox LITE is basically ColdBox MVC only. Thanks to our modular core, and our starting plans to ColdBox 4, we have a new package in the repository called “mvc”. This LITE version will support the following features:

  • Configuration CFC with environment control
  • MVC via conventions
  • WireBox DI
  • RESTful capabilties

LITE will come in two downloads:

  • LITE

The ORM version includes our ORM classes for those interested in building MVC + ORM. As you will see from the source, it is extremely light weight and fast. It is also a great way for starting with ColdBox MVC and then moving to the platform once comfortable or the project needs it. It is also a great way to embed a simple MVC framework with your apps if you need to.

To use it, you basically switch the version you want at the Application.cfc level:

For LITE: coldbox.system.mvc.BootStrap
For Standard: coldbox.system.ColdBox

That’s it! Your application switches context from LITE to standard and all your code is portable so you can scale your application if you need to. We have included a very small application template called “lite” in the Application templates and we will do some samples with it as well. However, I would ask from the list to help out in creating samples and testing it out. I will be doing an open beta soon but for now, it is up to us.

What are the features you will need ColdBox Platform for:

  • Interceptors
  • Robust URL Mappings + RESTful additions
  • ColdBox Security
  • Flash RAM
  • Feed control
  • Modules
  • Plugins
  • Debugger
  • Robust exception handling
  • LogBox
  • CacheBox
  • MockBox and testing facilities

Please try it out and give me your feedback please! I have attached the alpha version as well or you can use the source.


Luis F. Majano
Ortus Solutions, Corp

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Very cool!

Jason Durham


What that guy said ^^

I concur. This is the best ColdBox news since version 2.0!


This is great - looking forward to playing with it this week!

Now, if only Adobe would follow suit with CF…

It’s called Railo. :smiley:


There is an error in the application template. In handlers/general.cfc there is a typo in the setview function call that causes a fatal error.

Other than that… looks sweet so far.

Great work.



Lol. Touché!!

Ohh yea sorry I was testing the custom errors with it.