coldbox Main.onAppInit is not valid registered event

Probably a newbie error but I have been trying to figure it out for days.

ColdBox 4.1 on CF11 on windows, normal ColdBox install and config via commandbox. I have tried the reinit, CF server restart.

In views/main/index.cfm it just says "test"
in handlers/main.cfc everything is commented out but I get this error coldbox Main.onAppInit is not valid registered event, The error occurred in C:/_SITES/CloudstreamDataIO/coldbox/system/web/services/HandlerService.cfc: line 390

I have googled this error and searched this forum but no luck, I am not sure what to try next?

Thank you.

Does you main.cfc have a method in it called “onAppInit”? Look in your /config/Coldbox.cfc file for that name. It’s likely set up as your request start handler or something.



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Thx again Brad, that was it! I removed main.onRequestStart, main.onAppInit and main.onException

Since it came that way from init install I assumed the stuff in coldbox.cfc was needed that way, so much more to learn, I better hit the docs some more :slight_smile: