Coldbox on a VPS

Hi there

Recently my shared host turned off my access to the cfdirectory tag
which made all of my coldbox sites go down, it took them a while to
repair and I was generally dissapointed with the service.

I am now looking for a vps solution to prevent anything like this from
happening again.

Thing is, im completely inexperienced with vps soluions, and unsure
what to look for to host my coldbox sites.

Someone on twitter recommended but
maybe its best to go with a coldfusion specific solution like

Im not sure I can afford coldfusion to install on my VPS, tho someone
mentioned railo - but have no experience with it.

Any assistance would be appreciated.


I only have experience with HMS, now Their entry level VPS doesn’t even have enough resources for you to open services.msc and stop CF. We decided to move the sites in-house and have been very happy with that decision.

Jason Durham

Another, and IMHO beget option to VPS is cloud based serves. We have several with Amazon Web Services and they have been excellent.


I recommend Viviotech @

They have great prices and great service.

It's especially nice because you don't have to purchase your own CF license.


I've been running CB3 on Railo 3.2 over at awesome performance, great support, and much better priced then some other "cloud providers"..

Just adding my two cents. Amazon and cloud is great. I also host with kickassvps and their service has been outstanding.

So a plethora of options, thanks!

Amazon appeals to me - or some other cloud based service - im just
unsure about using railo as an alternative to coldfusion. Whats
peoples experiences with railo?

I see there is a coldbox elastic servers download option on the
download page, i presume this is all you need to get going?


While I promise I have no affiliation with them other than being a client, I’d like to reiterate my support for viviotech. We just became a CF shop, switching from PHP and Ruby, 3 months ago. Viviotech has very reasonable rates and you can pay for CF on a monthly basis instead of having to purchase a CF license yourself. Our VPS is lightning fast and they have been stellar with support. You can pick linux or windows for your server OS.

Amazon EC2 seems like a decent deal, but there isn’t much support available for server issues. The guys at viviotech helped me configure my apache configuration issues.

Since they specialize in CF hosting I’d think they would be your best bet. They sponsored a CF conference we had in town a couple of months ago and Simon Free had great things to say.

Just my 2cents… I’ll shut up now.

sure you dont work for them ben? ha ha
I think youve sold it to me, will prob give them a go..


My two cents: Rackspace cloud server has been fantastic. So has
Amazon. Vivotech deserves support if you can host there. They have
contributed a lot to the community.

Aaron Greenlee
Twitter: aarongreenlee

Any guidance for working with Amazon? Tutorials etc?

Also, peoples experiences with railo as an alternative?