ColdBox on Railo on Tomcat on (Ubuntu) Linux: How to make a Domain URL DIRECTLY point to a ColdBox App ?

My current hosting scenario is as follows:
- ColdBox on Railo on Tomcat on (Ubuntu) Linux
- The Apache 2 Webserver is NOT involved; Tomcat listens itself to
port 80
- The domain at hand - - does already target railo
- The current directory layout is as follows:
  - <tomcat-homedir>/planetspiel/railo/coldbox/myApp

What I - and probably any other serious hoster - want is:
- Let "" point DIRECTLY to my ColdBox App "myApp" !

The question is: How can one accomplish that most elegantly/easily ?

Further question: When SES URLs and the Security Interceptor get
involved, too: Could this be the stuff for a whole new science of its
own ?

A couple of quick questions…

Do you have your ColdBox files in /planetspiel/railo/coldbox/? So you’d have /planetspiel/railo/coldbox/system, etc? If so, it’s probably not best to put your application folder directly inside the coldbox folder. You would want to point the Tomcat virtual host at the myApp folder, but you’d want a mapping in the administrator to coldbox which would be located somewhere else, even inside the myApp folder would be better, I think.

What have you set the web root to for the virtual host? (What directory does point to? Is the current path to the application?)

Can I see your virtual host configuration for Tomcat for this domain?

There are already some pretty advanced SES setups going on with ColdBox and also some other tools people use to pull of some tricky routing. (Tuckey URLRewrite, etc)

I’m sure we can figure out something that will work for you, especially if you can post your vhost configuration.


Hello Jim !

Thank You very much for this detailed reply which I have to digest
now ...

I will play around with these new insights first; and come back to
this thread with my working solution; or further questions ...

Cheers and Tschüss


Hello Jim !

I now got the impression: It is first and foremost a Railo thing; so I
prefer to start with a simple Railo App; without Coldbox involved at
all ...

But I couldn't make a simple Railo App properly pointed to, either ...
All my attempts using Railo Admin Mappings have failed so far ...

To repeat myself: I do NOT use the Apache 2 Webserver; but the Tomcat
builtin Webserver; that's where my scenario is different from most
other scenarios I've come across Googling ...

My current configuration:

1. In <tomcat-home>/conf/server.xml:

      <Host name="" appBase="planetspiel"
            unpackWARs="true" autoDeploy="true">

    <Context path="" docBase="railo/smartclient" crossContext="true"
fireRequestListenersOnForwards="true" useNaming="false"

2. Mapping in the Railo Admin:

     Virtual: /smartclient
  Resource: /railo/smartclient/
  Primary: physical
  Trusted: yes

3. Directory Layout:


I've played around with different Railo Mappings; but invoking
"" never led me directly to "<tomcat-home>/
planetspiel/railo/smartclient/index.cfm" ...

My legacy understanding of CFML Mappings was: They are only good for
locating CFCs ... Perhaps I need Railo Virtual DIRs ? There IS info
about adding Railo Virtual DIRs in the official Railo docs:
Unfortunately only for Jetty and Resin, NOT for Tomcat !

Cheers and Tschüss


@All: All my configuration efforts in my current Tomcat/Railo/Coldbox
env haven't succeeded ...

What I have just done is: Download and install the latest Railo on
Tomcat 7 package:

And in a matter of seconds I could invoke a Railo App with !

There is even documentation and template code in Tomcat's server.xml
for how to configure additional VIRTUALHOSTS !

Hello All !

Previously I had thrown the railo.war into a Tomcat installation !

Now I have had very good experiences with the Railo on Tomcat 7
installation ! And will never look back to my previous
installation ... To the contrary: I will change my local Windows Dev
Env to a Railo on Tomcat 7 installation, too !

WRT ColdBox:
- I have only one coldbox/system dir; where a Railo /coldbox mapping
points to
- Each ColdBox App sits directly under a Tomcat Host 'appBase' dir;
and different contexts can point to different ColdBox Apps
- The ColdBox Apps could sit pretty much anywhere ... If only a
context 'docBase' dir points correctly to them ...

So fortunately it doesn't have to be so difficult !

Many Thanks again !

Cheers and Tschüss


Glad you got this all worked out Kai!

Jim (This is the same Jim from the Railo list that you were talking to before)