[Coldbox Platform Utilities] Install

When installing Coldbox Platform Utilities, what does Coldfusion web root, Map remote server web root*, and Select install location mean? This is after selecting a server. I have a remote Windoze server with CF10, IIS 7.5 pointed to directories not on the C drive.

CF Builder extensions usually just hit your local site and his whatever default virtual host you have configured, though I suppose you could probably point it to another server. Basically, the web root simply needs to point to the web site that has the CF Builder extension folders in the web root.



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So if the extension is making an assumption that my development server is my local machine, would it just be best to set up my local machine instead of utilizing the development machine that my organization wants me to use? If there is a way to use dev I’d rather go that route, but I don’t understand what should go in these 3 fields. The “web root” is the Coldfusion web root or does the root of the web site need to have a CF Builder extensions folder in it? Are we talking file paths, URL’s, or what?