ColdBox Proxy and Flex

Hi all,

I’ve just begun work on a Flex application that will be accessing its data through the ColdBox Proxy using the flex2gateway. I’ve noticed that any time I make a change to the proxy component file and then attempt to run the Flex application I receive the following error: “Unable to invoke CFC – Could not find the ColdFusion Component or Interface coldbox.system.extras.ColdBoxProxy. However, if I call the same method that the Flex app calls directly in my browser, the response returns correctly. After having called the component directly, the flex application can also access the proxy without receiving the error. Anyone know how I can get the Proxy to work for the Flex app without having to call the component from an outside source first?


Hi Christine

Working with flex, this setting is very important.

<!-- ColdBox set-up information for J2EE installation.
                     As context-root are actually virtual locations
which does not correspond to physical location of files. for example
                     /openbd /var/www/html/tomcat/deploy/bluedragon

                     AppMapping setting will adjust physical location
of Project/App files and coldbox will load handlers,plugis,config file
                     Create a cf mapping and enable this value.
                     /MyApp /var/www/html/tomcat/deploy/bluedragon/

                If you are using a coldbox app to power flex/remote
apps, you NEED to set the AppMapping also. In Summary,
                the AppMapping is either a CF mapping or the path from
the webroot to this application root. If this setting
                is not set, then coldbox will try to auto-calculate it
for you. Please read the docs.

name="AppMapping" value="/MyApp"/


Also this setting should be "false"
<!--Flag to auto reload the config.xml settings. False for
production. -->
<Setting name="ConfigAutoReload" value="false" />
It will reload your config file settings, clear the cache, reset the
app to first request state, on every request. Else you will have to
manually reload the structures using fwreinit=1.

There is also a flex example in "samples folder", check that. Just
tried to cover few important things which I am aware of for Flex
dev.:slight_smile: Hopefully someone with more Flex experience will help you.