Coldbox question about config directory

I have a structure that we use for reading in information about data
connection set-up from an INI file that helps us customize for each
landscape (localhost, development, staging, and production) and each
deployment has the correct settings automatically independent of the
code base.

I’m creating an object that will read in all data connections into a
structure (bean-ified if you will) as well as a hash of “Properties”
they would like to use as global scope in their application. The idea
is to do this so that the user can access it without having to do any
set-up from ColdBox or any other framework, and to work within an
existing set-up that we’ve been using as well for our different
development, testing, and production landscapes.

My question is if I throw my file in the “config” directory ColdBox
uses will that mess anything up for how ColdBox works?
I used to use “conf” for loading these files, but if it makes sense
would like to switch to “config” for simplicity sake or am I being not
"cohesive" enough because I'm now co-mingling this other CFC with my
existing config for ColdBox?

I'm new to ColdBox so if this question's answer is intuitively obvious
to the most casual observer I apologize in advance.

Thanks in advance for any insight the group can provide.

Greg Ostravich

No. You will not mess up anything within ColdBox by creating variables
within ColdBox.cfc as long as you don't override a variable the
configuration expects.

You can place this kind of logic within the a function in
config/ColdBox.cfc named after your environment. By default, ColdBox
will be in the "production" environment. So, you cab name a function
"production" and have it do what you need.

Aaron Greenlee
Twitter: aarongreenlee