[ColdBox-RC 4.0] Bug


Error importing routes configuration file: Context validation error for the cfscript tag. The start tag must have a matching end tag. An explicit end tag can be provided by adding . If the body of the tag is empty, you can use the shortcut <cfscript …/>.

File: System/Interceptors/SES.cfc

Line: 366 (include arguments.location) breaks method

Coldfusion: 11

Thanks :wink:

What’s your configuration file look like? It sounds like the error message is telling you exactly what’s wrong.

Thank you Tristan,

This error was generated due to some mapping settings in my Module Config:

I used to have: binder.map(‘x’).to(‘path-to-model’).initArgs(name=“dsn” dsl=“datasource”)
When I change it to: binder.map(‘x’).to(‘path-to-model’).initArgs(name=“dsn” value=“datasource”)

All start working just fine.

Thanks again my friend!

Felipe Serrano