[ColdBox SEEK 4.1.0] - Coldboxproxy and inject module not working


I’m using ColdFusion 11.

I have a method in my handler that works fine when I call it when submitting my form, but if I submit to the same handler method through the coldbox proxy it seems I can’t get the cbvalidation module to be recognized.

The writedump() works fine if I submit to this handler from my login form, I see the dump. I have another place on my site with a modal dialog and I’m submitted it via ajax, but in the Firebug console I’m getting this error for the exact same code, just called via the proxy. Any idea why? Probably just my lack of knowledge of how things work.

Could not find the ColdFusion component or interface cbvalidation.models.ValidationManager.
Ensure that the name is correct and that the component or interface exists.

Check that your modules aren’t being reloaded on every request in your config file. This can cause the error you’re seeing with with module mappings. In config/Coldbox.cfc look for the modules struct and make sure autoReload is set to false. If you need that setting enabled, at the moment, you may need to add a mapping for /cbvalidation in your Application.cfc, pointing to the module root.



I think his may have been an issue we fixed in the last version of ColdBox where the CF mappings for modules weren’t being created for proxy requests. Can you try your code on ColdBox 4.3?



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thanks for the replies, I will try with the latest version tonight or tomorrow morning