[ ColdBox SEEK 4.3.0+188] Easy way to exclude a directory from ColdBox?

Is there a way to exlcude a directory from being processed by ColdBox?

I have a directory called “blog” in my wwwroot and I’d like to keep it there, but it exclude it from coldbox altogether.

Is there a way to do this within the context of Coldbox?

Thanks in advance!

What’s inside the /blog? As long as there is no code or some ColdBox convention inside /blog, ColdBox won’t process anything.

Wordpress files basically. There was a web.config in there that was causing some conflict with the web.config in the root of my site which is a coldbox app. I was able to add some rewrite rules inside the wordpress web.config file that fixed it. I’m running WordPress on Windows (another conversation), but that’s why there is a web.config

If you’re using URL rewrites, make sure they don’t kick in for that folder. If that folder has CFML code and it’s own Application.cfc then you should be fine. If that folder has CFML code and is hitting the root Application.cfc, then put an if in your onRequestStart that skips the processColdBoxRequest() call as well.



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Thanks Brad, that’s super helpful intel. It never dawned on me that writing a small snippet to skip the processColdBoxRequest() method call.