Coldbox sharing scope with Machii

Hello experts!

I am currently working on integrating coldbox into an already working
Machii application.
What we want to do is slowly migrate to coldbox. To do this we would
like to start developing some of our modules in coldbox.

Of course we do not want our users to login and select session values
again when entering a coldbox module.

Once the user has logged in... (into our regular application) how can
I create a coldbox module and retain the variable scopes from another

hope all this makes sense?


I think you only need to share the same name in the application.cfc. That will make sure you share. I have done this before like that.

thanks tried that
didnt work but will try again


Are you using two application.cfc’s or one and coldbox embedded?

I am using an application.cfm (we need to update this) in my main
"parent" application.

I have added my coldbox application as a subfolder eg


And just using the standard coldbox.cfc .

I am dumping out the session struct in my main handler...

I notice that although I have set my appName var in the coldbox.cfc to
be the same as the parent application

session and app vars are still not carrying over

I am probably going about this the completely wrong way... any help
would be great!


Hmm as far as I remember the name is the key for those.