coldbox, tomcat, and SES urls


I know this topic has come up before, but I can’t find a definitive answer anywhere. I would like to use Apache, Tomcat 6, Coldfusion 9, and Coldbox 3.0 for my application, and I want to use SES urls. The problem comes when trying to proxy a request from Apache to tomcat that looks like /index.cfm/handler/function – because that is not a real file or path.

I’ve seen a solution that involves some new rewrite rules, and extension of the SES interceptor, but I couldn’t ever get that to work, and CB3.0 seems ever more different. Will Coldbox ever officially support this method?

In the Coldbox book (written for 2.6.3), Luis comments that it should be easy to overcome the tomcat (or jetty or…) limitiation by creating a servlet mapping for index.cfm. Has anyone used this? I’m not an expert on servlets or tomcat – can anyone provide more details on this implementation?

I can’t be the only person to want to use SES urls on a non-jrun implementation. How are you all doing it?