ColdBox Utilities and CFBuilder

Hi, Is there any projected date to get ColdBox Utilities working with
CFBuilder Beta 3? Will it be compatible with CFBuilder as an Eclipse

Thanks in advance.

I have not tried it in beta 3 did it break?

Indeed. There is no "install" link after expanding Coldfusion, and
extensions. I also read that there were some issues if you tried to
install them using CFBuilder as an add on to Eclipse as opposed to a
standalone version. Is that true? I know I ran into issues when trying
to install the utilities with Beta 2, but do not remember what the
issue was.

Accelero, Luis,

This isn't a bug. In ColdFusion beta 3, the process for installing
extensions has changed. You no longer go through the Preferences >
ColdFusion > Extensions route. There is now an Extensions view which
is used for installing extensions. This also tripped me up when I
upgraded to beta 3. For more details, look here:


Edit: I meant to say "In ColdFusion BUILDER beta 3, the process..."